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Vanitas Vanitas: Dutch

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Vanitas The Case

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The Case Study of Vanitas: Who Exactly is Vanitas

The vanitas still life, a subset of this genre, grew out of the long artistic tradition known as the memento mori.

  • It admonishes: Look yourself in the eye, and mark your state if you are not like a bubble, smoke, vapor, or a flower that withers.

  • He seems to think of them fondly, but there is a deep-seated hatred for them at the same time.


At the end of this episode, Noe asks Vanitas what he loves about Jeanne, and while Vanitas mentions a lot of superficial things like her strength, her looks and how she is easy to tease, in the end, he says that he loves the fact that Jeanne would never love him back, as he won't love someone who also loves him.

  • If Sora is hit by this third strike, he may get frozen.

  • Dutch master paintings tended towards historical painting, portraiture, and the domestic interior with subjects for the viewer to interpret.