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'One Piece' 1023 Spoilers Seemingly Draw Parallels Between This Powerful Character And Sun God Nika

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Jack forgives Wano for going into ruin to keep up the lie about Oden, but Inuarashi explains that, had they handed over Raizen, they would have been so ashamed that they would never return to Wano again, and that every day since Oden's death has been another day closer to the day of reckoning.

  • According to Hyogoro, Zoro resembles in his youth, who inherited his ancestor 's talent for swordsmanship.

  • Earlier this week, Robin showed Sanji a photo of her to show him how much she appreciates him on the chapter.

One Piece: Where Do Sanji's Powers Come From?

As ambitious as Shogun Wano is, he fails to achieve his goal of becoming the most powerful person possible in his youth.

  • He fires a laser from his mouth at the duo, who manage to dodge it, though Sanji seems unsteady.

  • However Izou arrives just in time and lunges towards Marco to prevent the bullets hit him.