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意思 bronze bronze powder中文,


意思 bronze bronze是什么意思_bronze怎么翻译及发音_用法_同义词_例句_英语短语

C23000 Red Brass (CDA 230 / C230 / 230 brass)

意思 bronze bronze powder中文,

bronze powder中文, bronze powder是什麼意思:青銅粉…

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意思 bronze Trade Finance

bronze是什么意思? bronze翻译(中文英文):青铜, 铜像, 青铜…《抓鸟》英语词典

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意思 bronze bronze是什么意思_bronze怎么读_bronze翻译_用法_发音_词组_同反义词_青铜

意思 bronze bronze中文, bronze是什麼意思:青銅色的…

意思 bronze bronze是什么意思? bronze翻译(中文英文):青铜,

Shaw Stainless

意思 bronze bronze是什么意思_bronze的用法_bronze怎么读_含义_读音_趣词词典

UNS C52100 (CW453K) Phosphor Bronze ::

Our high purity aluminum can be manufactured up to 99.

  • After a week at the beach his skin bronzed.

  • And this is Kim Kyang-Mi, she is the second.

Phosphor Bronze PB102 (UNS C51000)

Pure copper is used for electrical contacts, cables, conductive wires and many other parts that must pass electrical current.

  • Also, he kept us informed throughout the process, from start to approval.

  • Magnesium High pure Magnesium can be processed into many different forms within certain dimensional limits.