Rural 意思 - rural中文_rural是什么意思

意思 rural rural中文是什么意思?_百度知道

urban中文, urban是什麼意思:都市的…

意思 rural urban中文, urban是什麼意思:都市的…


意思 rural Rural Health


意思 rural rural中文_rural是什么意思

意思 rural urban中文, urban是什麼意思:都市的…

意思 rural 太實用!從開會常用詞句,速學「商務會議英語」

意思 rural urban和country和suburb和rural和downtown的区别_百度知道

意思 rural Rural &


意思 rural 【多益單字】原來意思不止一個?17 個多益常考的一字多義

structural readjustment of rural industry是什么意思_structural readjustment of rural industry在线中文翻译、读音、用法和例句

意思 rural structural readjustment

【多益單字】原來意思不止一個?17 個多益常考的一字多義

The reform in the rural areas has proved highly successful.

  • Could we have some more details, please? The idea is to get people onto the back roads and into Kansas towns to actually.

  • To actually and to talk to and GET TO KNOW THE LOCALS.