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Bintulu subway Five injured

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Five injured in fire at Petronas' Bintulu LNG complex

Subway, the most famous sandwich in Korean drama

When getting ready for a date, Hee-joo start to use various items such as shampoo, hair essence, lipstick and earrings, which are all paid advertising items.

  • Since the series is about augmented reality game, some of the advertised products appeared as game items in the story.

  • The characters mainly drink only one beverage throughout the drama namely Toreta Hydration Drink.

Showtimes in TGV Cinemas Sunway Pyramid, Sunway

With other Chinese brands popping up on billboards every now and then throughout the drama, many Korean viewers were not happy with the heavy promotions on foreign companies.

  • It also helped promote Korean author Kim In-yook whose poetry book The Physics of Love gained renewed attention after one of its verses was featured in the drama.

  • Subway promotes itself in Korean dramas as the meal to have while on a break.