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A song ji 'Single's Inferno'

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A song ji Single's Inferno's

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'Single's Inferno' Star Jia Apologises Following Backlash Over Wearing Fake Designer Goods

A song ji Star Song

'Single's Inferno' star Song Ji

Nhiều khán giả nhận xét gương mặt Song Ji A có nhiều nét hao hao ngôi sao Jennie của nhóm nhạc Blackpink.

  • Ms Song became a popular influencer after her Netflix debut bumped up her and followers to 3.

  • The video went viral, racking up over 4M views.

'Single's Inferno''s Song Ji


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  • However, on January 20, a representative from The Manager announced that they will no longer air the footage Song Ji A filmed with actor Kang Ye Won, which was scheduled to air on January 29.