Jeremiah loo - Jeremiah set for Tokyo

Loo jeremiah Jeremiah Loo

Loo jeremiah Gymnastics at

Loo jeremiah Coach: I

Loo jeremiah After early

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Loo jeremiah Malaysia’s Jeremiah

Loo jeremiah After early

Loo jeremiah Gymnastics: Loo

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Coach: I never gave up on Jeremiah

Loo jeremiah Jeremiah set

Malaysia’s Jeremiah Loo to Tokyo

LOO Phay Xing

What about your dream to go to the Olympic Games? The 23-year-old Penangite said he was incredulous when he received the joyous news, knowing that he will finally make an appearance at the prestigious games he dreamed of since becoming a gymnast.

  • From time to time, they would teach him flips and other moves.

  • Jeremiah attributed his dismal performance and early exit from the Tokyo Olympics to the extremely short preparation time he had for the Games.