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WJSN’s Opening Stage for ‘QUEENDOM 2’ Draws Praise Because of THIS

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Fans Find Evidence That Cosmic Girls's 3 Chinese Members May Have Officially Left The Group

This shows that the group is proving themselves as a formidable opponent.

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  • That same year, Meiqi debuted as an actress in a spin-off film from the 'Step Up' franchise titled 'Step Up: Year of the Dance'.


Dressed in all white and fluff, they look like true queens of winter on the stage! Exy Nov 06, 1995 26 years old 5.

  • Soobin Sep 14, 1996 25 years old 6.

  • The last Cosmic Girls comeback that Xuanyi, Cheng Xiao, and Meiqi appeared in was Dreams Come True—all the way back in February 2018.

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