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The Outlaws review: With Christopher Walken, crime pays

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Like many British comedies, particularly those produced by the BBC, this one only has a short season; just six episodes have been produced in this first batch.

  • But without a hit single the album fared slightly less well than its predecessor, although it still made it into the Top 40.

  • As part of the Gernhard record deal, bassist Ronny Elliott was brought in around this time, forcing Guidry out.

The Outlaws review: With Christopher Walken, crime pays

For dreams to come true, hard work and persistence will only get you so far.

  • With the 1973 addition of guitarist , the lineup was complete, and after a year of intense touring the band became the first act signed to Arista under ; ' self-titled 1975 album spotlighted their -influenced harmonies and -like guitar attack, yielding the Top 40 hit "There Goes Another Love Song.

  • This essentially sidelined the Outlaws for a decade, as Thomasson's voice and guitar style were just too integral a part of the Outlaws' sound for the other members to work without it successfully.