Verstappen crash - The details at the heart of the Hamilton/Verstappen F1 clash debate

Crash verstappen Verstappen puts

Crash verstappen Verstappen puts

Crash verstappen Max Verstappen,

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Lewis Hamilton "saved" by halo in dramatic Max Verstappen crash as McLaren return to the top

Crash verstappen Lewis Hamilton

Crash verstappen Lewis Hamilton

Crash verstappen Verstappen puts

Crash verstappen Lewis Hamilton

Verstappen puts Silverstone crash helmet on display

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Wolff’s verdict on Hamilton, Verstappen crash

Max Verstappen took over 11 seconds in the pits as the Red Bull driver returned to the track in 10th place That sent a very frustrated Verstappen back to ninth place, where he would even be behind Lando Norris - the man Hamilton had just overtaken for third on-track - who stopped a lap after the Dutchman.

  • But he just kept on pushing me wider and at one point there was nowhere to go.

  • For, when it comes to attempting a pass down the inside, a driver is believed to only need to be 'significantly' alongside ahead of the corner to lay claim to be given room.

Max Verstappen crash

This is something that Mercedes has made reference to, and it is understood to have been part of the communication that Wolff emailed to Masi and gave to the stewards during their investigation into the crash.

  • Max Verstappen moved alongside Lewis Hamilton after his pit stop and the pair collide at the first chicane, causing both to be beached in the gravel Verstappen was now almost - a crucial word in this instance - alongside Hamilton, and he was given just enough room through that first corner, but was then, in his words, "squeezed" by Hamilton for the tight left hander, which Verstappen now had the inside line for.

  • And was Verstappen's penalty fair? Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen: Explaining the frightening F1 crash, the penalty, and how halo saved Mercedes driver Analysing the big talking points after Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen's dramatic crash at the Italian GP - the collision, the penalty, the halo, the reaction and much more; Verstappen was handed three-place grid penalty Sky F1's Paul di Resta was at the SkyPad to analyse the controversial collision between title rivals Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, which saw both cars crash out Fierce championship rivals Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton crashed at the Italian GP - for the second time in five Formula 1 races.