Surah al-fil - Surah Fil: The Story Of The Army Of The Elephants

Al-fil surah Surat Al

Al-fil surah Surat Al

Al-fil surah Al Quran

Al-fil surah Surah 105

Surah Fil: Short yet full of lessons about God's Power

Al-fil surah Surah Fil:

Surah Al Fil

Al-fil surah Tafsir of

Surat Al Fil Arab, Latin & Terjemah Bahasa Indonesia

Al-fil surah SURAH AL

Al-fil surah Surat Al

Perjalanan Mengenal Allah: Pengajaran Dari Surah Al

Al-fil surah Surah Fil:

Pengajaran Surah Al Fil Rumi dan Kelebihan

Al-fil surah Surah Fil

Surah 105 Al

Surah Fil Ayat 1 (105:1 Quran) With Tafsir

Some Muslims have the misconception that the Quran is only a book of rituals.

  • There is no scientific explanation for the incident, and the account of the event is accurate as it occurred in Mecca forty years prior to the revelation of this surah, and many people of that period had personally witnessed this event.

  • No one can comprehend the means that He uses against His enemies.