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Pam the thing about 'The Thing

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Is 'The Thing About Pam' Based on a True Story? The Origins of the NBC Series Explained

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See "The Thing About Pam" Cast Compared to Real Life Counterparts

Pam the thing about The Thing

Pam the thing about 7 Shows

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Where Is Pamela Hupp, From 'The Thing About Pam' Now?

Since 2014, Dateline had devoted several episodes to the story and created a podcast centered around the case in 2019 titled "The Thing About Pam".

  • As long as we continue to pump out modern true-crime miniseries, the real-life subjects will continue to speak out.

  • On December 16, a Hupp on the charges.

REVIEW: “The Thing About Pam”

Pam Hupp is a good friend, a helper, a star witness, a loving daughter—and a killer? By then, Russ had been exonerated of murdering his wife, and detectives had begun to suspect Hupp was involved in Betsy Faria's death.

  • The former coworkers lost touch for years, but when Faria was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, Hupp swooped in to help, often driving Faria to her chemotherapy treatments.

  • After a successful appeal and second trial in 2015, Russ Faria was exonerated after his defense attorney was permitted to introduce evidence that was withheld from the original trial jury, some of which implicated Hupp as having killed Betsy Faria.