Tarbush restaurant - TARBOUSH CAFE, Mombasa

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Tarbush Kitchen crash + Hwy 55 barrier + Micron 💲1 million grant

TarBoush Lebanese Bistro Restaurant

Looking around the restaurant, it sure needs a proper clean including the owner.

  • Bunyan said his family loves living in the Treasure Valley and that Boise is the most loving community he has ever seen.

  • Their shawarma and zanzibar pizza is unmatched.

Tarbush Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

Everything we ordered tasted delicious but light and not too rich like the dishes we usually have during a feast.

  • Thank you for the delicious food.

  • After due consideration, the TarBoush family has decided to Re-Open our Dining Room and Patio not heated for our patrons.

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