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Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said the probe might be seen as a form of political pressure and interference, and a violation of the principle of separation of powers.

  • Take the constitutional method to deal with judges, says Bar The Malaysian Bar has joined the chorus of voices against any investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission into an appeals court judge, and said constitutional procedure should be followed instead.

  • Masukkan telur dan uli adunan lagi. on

Resepi Salmah Hassan Resepi kuih gunting legend Baca Artikel Menarik: Layari Laman Facebook syaifulloh bin imam muhtasari 880620105443 saif muhtar.

  • It is expected to contribute to the development of vaccines against dengue fever in Malaysia.

  • Gempa bumi landa Kundasang Gempa bumi lemah dengan magnitud 3.