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003004 Evolving Urban

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003004 Evolving Urban

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003004 Vyaire Medical

003004 Vyaire Medical

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The Dhaka City Corporation has now been replaced by the Dhaka North City Corporation and the Dhaka South City Corporation.

  • Though Dhaka is 100 miles 160 kilometers from the Bay of Bengal the Indian Ocean , the lowest parts of the city are little more than five feet two meters above sea level.

  • Software Driven Integrates with live production systems from NewTek and other manufacturers, as well as software applications to easily satisfy a variety of production requirements.

Evolving Urban Form: Dhaka

One Cable Connectivity Supply power, connect to the network, acquire and transmit video, with a single Ethernet cable.

  • Responsible for the solicitation, evaluation, negotiation, award and all other aspects of the procurement process for large, complex, multi-year contracts and small procurements for the agency.

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