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New features, including a refreshed user interface, for Google Meet

Google Meet: Online Video Conferencing

This limits the attack surface for Meet and the need to push out frequent security patches on end-user machines.

  • Screen Sharing A must have feature for any video conferencing app these days, Meet allows sharing your screen and any content on it with just a click, making it super easy to present and display.

  • Tip: Live stream organizers will see a viewer count at the top of their screen.

Download the Google Meet Progressive Web App on your computer

If live streaming is on for your work or school account, you can let people in your organization watch your video meetings.

  • Dankzij de snelle, lichte interface en het slimme deelnemersbeheer is een videogesprek met meerdere mensen tegelijk geen enkel probleem.

  • Op mobiele apparaten vragen we gebruikers de Meet-app te installeren vanuit de Apple App Store of de Google Play Store.