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Vaccine panadol covid Is paracetamol

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Vaccine panadol covid Is paracetamol

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Should You Avoid Pain Relievers After the COVID

Dr Abdel-Shaheed said the clinical review covered a variety of vaccines, including for influenza and meningitis, and the results raised questions about Covid too.

  • It said one study had found paracetamol "blunted the immune response to several vaccine antigens" in children.

  • It often takes many years for a vaccine to make it through the trials and tests it needs to pass for approval.

Getting vaccinated? Dos and don'ts before and after your Covid

As long as you stick to the recommended dose, it is safe to take painkillers following your Covid jab.

  • And all studies that showed this effect, it was only when the paracetemol or a similar medicine to prevent a fever were taken at the time of the jab, and not afterwards.

  • About 80% of those who were once lose their sensitivity to it after 10 years.