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Ong Kian Ming: ‘Total lockdown’ causing confusion for business owners — The True Net

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DAP’s Ong Kian Ming: Party needs to be more flexible for GE15 following Johor defeat

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Ong Kian Ming

Got no brain ar? Potential conflict of interest? Sinovac has received WHO approval for emergency use.

  • Following the work of the Prevention of Outbreak at Ignition Sites or POIS initiative under the Selangor state government which has also been adopted by MITI under the program, the focus should now be shifted to the accommodation of the factory workers in addition to the work flows at the factories.

  • Feeling equally puzzled, Ong said he has received feedback that hair colouring product is not allowed to be sold at pharmacies.

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Later, it was announced that these allowances would be from RM1.

  • Two out of the four senior ministers are also from Bersatu, with Umno having only one senior minister.

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