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Meaning liwat homosexuality

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Nasi liwet


Bikol - Naga Manoy, hain su ulî ko tabì? Bikol - Legazpi Sir Driver , you have excess change.

  • Anay - termite Andana - storey Andam - prepared Ang-ang - to stammer; to stutter Ani - harvest Aninipot - firefly Antiyuhos - eye glasses Antos - to suffer Api - to belong; to be included Apo - grandchild Apo nga babaye - granddaughter Apo nga lalaki - grandson Apoy - grandparent Apoy nga babaye - grandmother Apoy nga lalaki - grandfather Arado - plow Arakan - somebody who has a low tolerance for pain Aram - knowledge Aringit - grumpy Ariyos - earring Arot or arut - haircut Arug - an old person Arum - cloud stress on the second syllable Arum - mole stress on the first syllable Asawa - spouse husband or wife Asin - salt Aso - smoke Asukar - sugar Asum - sour Aswang - witch At - ours yours and mine Atay - liver Ato - our your and my Ato - to fight back Atubangan - front Awa - envy Awto - car Ayam - dog Ayaw - don't B Babaye - woman Bado - dress; garment Baga - red Bagahon - young and innocent Bag-ang - molar tooth Bagis - line Bag-o - new Bagting - ringing of the bell Bakho - sob; to sob Baklo - to cut the nails Baklohan - nailcutter Baktin - pig Bala - bullet Balagun-on - naturally wavy hair Balangaw - rainbow Balaud - law Balay - house Balbag - to hit somebody with a bat or any other object Balde - pail Baligya - an item for sale Balikad - reversed, e.

  • Nāṣer-e Ḵosrow 11th century equated the luṭis with wine drinkers, thieves and whore-mongers, while Suzani warned that luṭis cannot be trusted in commercial dealings.


We may distinguish two groups of luṭis, although many of their members may have overlapped.

  • Cagadas: This name was most likely given to the Filipinos during the conversion of native Filipinos into Christianity.

  • During the months of Moḥarram and Ṣafar they played a major role in the mourning processions and the chanting of nowḥas songs of religious lamentation or dirges.