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Symbol semicolon Semicolon Punctuates

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What Does A 333 Tattoo Mean? The semicolon tattoo movement was started in 2013 by the daughter of a suicide victim and has become a well-known symbol of hope for life and love.

  • Selena Gomez truly set an example of breaking the taboo by being open about her depression and mental issues.

  • When a semicolon joins two or more ideas in one sentence, those ideas are then given equal rank.

100 Meaningful Semicolon Tattoo Ideas [Ultimate Picture Guide]

The two together represent new life, longevity, and resistance and make for a great piece of ink on your arms, down your spine, or on your legs.

  • The left-wing of the butterfly remains black and white, while the right wing is colorful.

  • But as you might imagine, it also serves as a destination for semicolon tattoo ideas.