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Gang toman Toman Stories

Tokyo Revengers: Why Baji is the Real Leader of Tokyo Manji Gang

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Gang toman Tokyo Revengers:

Gang toman Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 242: Raw scans reveal the uniform design and formation of Takemichi’s gang

Gang toman Toman Stories

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Through their affiliation under the First Division, became the 11th Generation's leader.

  • While Tokyo Revengers Manga has alluded to both of these gangs being vicious, their main focus was on their ongoing feud with each other, indicating that while they were feared and powerful, they were not morally bankrupt.

  • After Toman won against Valhalla in , was recognized to be Moebius' second official leader who commanded the 1990 group.

Rap da Toman Gang (Tokyo Revengers)

The series starts off with what looks to be a simple love story only to expand with Takemichi determined to save everyone he loves, including his newfound friends in Toman.

  • Sanzu was 5th division captain in Toman and now Senju is also 5th division captain.

  • They roam VRChat having fun.