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Voice actor kawaki Kawaki

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Voice actor kawaki Naruto

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Voice actor kawaki Boruto Main

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  • His lack of compassion would even force Kawaki to perform various jobs around town just to keep his alcohol supply up.

  • As such when faced against the prospect of an opponent who can actually challenge him, he becomes furious and determined to restore his self-perceived dominance.

Kawaki (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations)

Boruto Uzumaki might not have appeared to be dependent during the early days of the story, however, his growth as the story moves forward is undeniable.

  • However, one of her most prominent roles would be Renton Thurston, the protagonist of the sci-fi anime Eureka Seven.

  • Deku has a habit of being too nice, even lending a hand to those who have hurt him.

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