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Eternals: 10 Things About Angelina Jolie's Thena That Every Fan Should Know

Thena assumed command as Prime Eternal.

  • Thena has a long history with one Kro, a Deviant she encountered about 2500 years ago.

  • The Celestials' second attempt at creating a new species was extremely successful, thus creating the near-immortal Eternals, who were then free to roam among the humans of Earth.

The Eternals: Who Is Angelina Jolie's Marvel God, Thena?

That way, you can know what problems the formula is addressing and how it works within your body.

  • Ikaris was fiercely loyal to his creator and saw the Emergence as part of the natural order, as without the Celestials, life in the universe would change completely.

  • Ritter, who was unable to have children herself.