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Meaning acrophobia Acrophobia Definition,

Meaning acrophobia Acrophobia: Definition,

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Meaning acrophobia Acrophobic

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The human balance system integrates , and nearby visual cues to reckon position and motion.

  • Sometimes, acrophobics report that they feel compelled to throw themselves over the edge of bridges, hence they avoid them.

  • If they fell, they would learn the concepts about surfaces, posture, balance, and movement.


Within this orientation, the most widely used and validated treatment technique with its effectiveness is gradual exposure to the feared situation , where the person must progressively expose themselves to the stimulus caused by the irrational fear.

  • According to scientific studies, this term is related to a persistent and unjustified fear of heights that can occur in certain situations and be reflected through high levels of anxiety.

  • Although many people with bathmophobia have acrophobia, most acrophobia sufferers do not also experience bathmophobia.