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Dramacity 2022 Drama

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We Own This City movie review ()


Drama City wasn't as good as his newest novel.

  • Another Option To Download Chinese drama for free.

  • There are all the usual suspects of the drug trade; the murderous boss, the less murderous boss, the scary psycho teenager with the dead eyes, the Most Promising Young Guy who will undoubtedly be tragically gunned down.

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Rachel Lopez is his parole officer and an alcoholic with her own set of problems.

  • In this case, it's the story of a black man trying not to fall back into a life of dealin Lorenzo Brown, dog catcher and ex-con, struggles to keep from falling back into his old ways, while his parole officer, Rachel Lopez, has some problems of her own.

  • This would have five stars if I wasn't a little unsure about the book's gender politics.

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