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2.0 subreg Ціни Реєстратора

2.0 subreg Ціни Реєстратора

⚙ D49097 [RegisterCoalescer] Another fix for subrange join unreachable

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2.0 subreg LLVM: llvm::MachineFunction::DebugSubstitution


The default is always nonzero.

  • After doing this, the data aligned nicely.

  • This option is supported only by the C++ front end, and the information is generally only useful to the G++ development team.

⚙ D49097 [RegisterCoalescer] Another fix for subrange join unreachable

The only supported options are predecrement and postincrement.

  • Specifically: corrections for irregular slit widths, and pixel-by-pixel detector sensitivity variations.

  • The purpose of this mode is to specify what kind of addressing is allowed, on machines where the allowed kinds of addressing depend on the machine mode being addressed.