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Mortal Kombat: Who is Cole Young and what are his powers?

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Mortal Kombat: Cole Young’s True Identity Explained

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Who is Cole Young from the new Mortal Kombat movie? : FanTheories

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In a final scene that perfectly sets up the sequel, Cole goes off in search of the iconic Mortal Kombat character Johnny Cage, laying the groundwork for whatever the franchise has in mind next.

  • Screenwriter , in publicity material for the film, stated that Cole Young's storyline came in part from his own life.

  • In the preview, when Scorpion and Sub-Zero fight, Scorpion definitely doesn't look human anymore.

Cole Young

How is Cole going to be Satoshi? On their way to the destination, Sonya and Kano were at each other the whole way, until the trio were found by , a member of the , who then guided the them to temple.

  • Looks like our patience has paid off.

  • While Lewis Tan, Cole Young's actor, is in his 30s.