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With help from Eve Moneypenny, Bond realises that this refers to another old foe Mr White and he subsequently tracks him down.

  • It doesn't help that the one we ended up with, a nighttime chase in London between the hero and the leader of the resident Nebulous Evil Organization, which culminates in the latter being captured, while the hero and his allies prevent said organization from gaining control of encrypted data files- was very similar to the finale of , released earlier the same year.

  • She openly disapproves of guns and the men using them which is likely one of the reasons why she doesn't like Bond at first but knows how to use one which she does at one point to save Bond.

Spectre (2015)

The organization's logo, an octopus, is also referenced in the official teaser poster.

  • Hinx only says one word in the movie.

  • In a separate interview with Danish website Euroman, revealed he would be reprising his role as Mr.

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