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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle

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Typically, Red Hat applies changes in such a way as to minimize the amount of change and to maintain binary compatibility.

  • The Red Sox will begin the 2022 season on March 31 against the Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway Park.

  • We are also providing information on anticipated release dates and minor releases that will offer extended support.

Date and time functions

Life-cycle Dates All future dates mentioned for "End of Full Support" and "End of Maintenance Support 1" are close approximations, non definitive, and subject to change.

  • Extended Life-cycle Support Add-On: Extended Life-cycle Support ELS is an optional Add-On subscription for certain Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions.

  • However, to achieve the 10 years support criteria for RHEL, one version of each Application Stream will be identified at the start of the Maintenance Support Phase and that version will receive maintenance as described by the support phases.