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Aphrodite: Ancient Greek Goddess of Love

Ares, the most warlike of the gods, was first enchained in heaven by Hephaistos.

  • They each represented emotions, and those with negative connotations were associated with Ares, while those involving love were associated with Aphrodite.

  • The King of Sparta was furious and wanted his wife back, so he organized an army with other Greek kings, which started the.


Plus tard, les Romains ont assimilé Aphrodite à la de la.

  • But there was one God they could not avoid: Helios, for Helios was the , and spent his days hanging high in the sky, where he could see all.

  • Aphrodite Before the Greeks Although these myths surrounding Aphrodite are Greek, Aphrodite is not a Greek creation, but more of an acquisition.

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