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Eunhyuk Eunhyuk’s ex

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Super Junior Eunhyuk Reveals He Was 'Robbed' by These K

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So, did Eunhyuk and IU date or not?

In 1999, together with Junsu he auditioned for through the company's Starlight Casting System at age 13.

  • With hard work and perseverance, however, the sky is the limit.

  • It was then that Sorry, Sorry became critically and commercially successful hit in Asia; the first occasion in which the group won top honor at all of the local end-of-the-year music awards.

Super Junior Eunhyuk Reveals He Was 'Robbed' by These K

After the rain stopped, the three gathered in the garden to plant flowers.

  • After his return from enlistment in 2017, he continued as a concert director for various artists, then transitioned to a performance director and dance mentor in 2018—2019 and is currently the host of 2020.

  • Educational Background For his primary education, Eunhyuk attended SungSangYooAhWon Preschool, ByungSuhl Kindergarten, and NeungGohk Elementary School.