Longkang siham - Backlane (Longkang) Cockles @ Tong Bee's Stall (Melaka)

Siham longkang Longkang Siham

*Must Try* Famous Malacca Longkang Siham

Siham longkang LONGKANG SIHAM,

Siham longkang 马六甲11大必吃美食! 你都吃过了吗?

Siham longkang 【马六甲美食】后巷吃屎蛤有特色!

Siham longkang Longkang Siham

Siham longkang 「 喵

Siham longkang Explore Malacca

Longkang Siham, Melaka

Siham longkang Backlane (Longkang)

Longkang siham(cockles) at Melaka

Siham longkang LONGKANG SIHAM,

Backlane (Longkang) Cockles @ Tong Bee’s Stall (Melaka)

Siham longkang Longkang Siham,

Melaka's Famous Longkang Siham Is Opening A New Outlet In Subang Jaya

We regularly post about hidden gems, places to explore, attractive promos and new food to try! Just having a family trip to Malacca to source for some hotels for a conference next year, chanced upon an interesting Grab driver who told us about this longkang siham place.

  • In particular, we could even choose how well cooked we want our cockles to be; normal worked well for us.

  • Notoriously renowned with their gloom and shabby surrounding, with tiny stools made of wood placed at a back lane adjacent to the drainage.

Reasonable priced and great experience back street stall

Wonder where to have the siham longkang at Melaka? With the peanut sweet and spicy sauce combination, person can easily consumed 3-4 plates of clams or cockles.

  • Operation Hours: 11am — 2:30pm; 5pm — 10pm Social Media Link s : Also Check Out: — Join our and share your passion for food and places around the Klang Valley with our community! If you're willing to brave all these, you'll be rewarded with a sumptuous shellfish feast! As its name suggest, Longkang Siham is literally operate right beside a drain.

  • Was a good adventure for me.

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