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Hoyofest myburgerlab 店长派蒙汉堡来一份!HoYo

Hoyofest myburgerlab Events V2

myBurgerLab Apologizes As Genshin Impact Hoyo Fest Reservations Get Filled Almost Immediately

Hoyofest myburgerlab 店长派蒙汉堡来一份!HoYo

[ Hoyo Fest 2021 ] Genshin Impact @ myBurgerLab: Malaysia's Own Good Hunter

Hoyofest myburgerlab Mihoyo’s Hoyo

Hoyofest myburgerlab The HoYo

Hoyofest myburgerlab [ Hoyo

Hoyofest myburgerlab Events V2

Hoyofest myburgerlab Malaysia Hoyofest

Hoyofest myburgerlab HoYo FEST

Hoyofest myburgerlab Events V2

Events V2

Hadir di Indonesia! HoYo FEST 2021: Lokasi, jadwal, menu, reservasi, merchandise

Seperti event game yang sebelum ini, jualan merchandise hanya terbuka kepada yang telah buat pre-order untuk Combo Makanan.

  • I myself would like to see the standees be event-themed, like how Diluc and Noelle had theirs for the Chinese KFC collaboration, instead of being limited to the wall art.

  • Kami ada satu pengumuman! However, upon investigation, there was in fact a glitch and slots were opened up earlier by 10mins.


More details on Hoyo Fest in Malaysia can be found.

  • See you soon folks! To the tune of 이마트 on YouTube, I do what needs doing, besides trying and dropping a variety of gacha games.

  • Throughout November and December, you can get exclusive merchandise from these three titles through myBurgerLab, among other things.