Dap johor - Winner takes all in Johor DAP

Johor dap DAP Malaysia

Johor dap DAP remains

DAP remains quiet on Chin Tong’s candidacy for Johor state polls

Johor dap [UPDATED] Johor

Tough road for DAP towards ballot box in Johor

Johor dap DAP Malaysia

Pakatan backs DAP’s Liew as Johor opposition leader

Johor dap DAP remains

[UPDATED] Johor polls: DAP runs businessman for Bekok seat

Johor dap DAP vs

Johor dap Johor DAP

Johor dap Johor polls:

2022 Johor state election

Johor dap Johor polls:

DAP to face disaster if it drops performing Johor reps: Ronnie Liu

Johor dap Pakatan backs

DAP vs Najib in Johor polls

The first campus in Stulang Laut was approved when Najib was education minister and during a time when the ultra-Malay voice in Umno was very fierce.

  • If he had explained to the grassroots at the beginning, the situation wouldn't worsen.

  • He enjoys the trust of the Lim family having been a top political aide to Kit Siang as well as former Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng.

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