Miti application for fmco - After 176,000 visitors in two hours, Miti’s MCO company application microsite goes offline temporarily

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Chartered Secretaries Malaysia (MAICSA)

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Here Are 18 Manufacturing Sectors Allowed to Operate Under MCO

Government Announces FMCO Full Lockdown Nationwide From 1 June Onwards

However, those with vaccination appointments will be allowed to travel with the proof of appointment dates shown in their MySejahtera Apps.

  • Control of Movement of Construction Workers The movement of construction workers to and from the construction site and the workers accommodation must be strictly monitored.

  • In a press conference, he said many people are still using the old letter.

FMCO Day 4: Azmin explains why many companies still yet to receive operation approval

So, the authorities will sometimes fine him for operating without a proper license, but allow him to continue.

  • Let me ask you this, is money matter more than safety and lives? But keep dragging it out like this, how to survive? Other sectors allowed are: Automotive limited to complete built-up models, equipment, components and after-sale services such as maintenance ; hardware, electrical and electronic stores and optometrists in the wholesale and retail industry; machinery and equipment; and aerospace.

  • We found many complaints by employees that were posted on Twitter, like this one: So what can you actually do about employers like this? To get a workshop license, he said he would have to move to a designated area far out of the city.