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Hrdf e-latihan HRDF Career

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Hrdf e-latihan HRDF Claimable

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Hrdf e-latihan HRDF

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With the right data management and analysis system, companies can collect seemingly unstructured information and turn it into useful information.

  • Employers with outstanding levy arrears are advised to continue paying the arrears without delay to avoid new charge of Interest.

  • Interactive training programs on specific skills that enable users to learn the skills on their own without an instructor.


Ia bertujuan bagi membantu melatih pekerja-pekerja daripada syarikat kecil yang tidak mampu menyumbang kepada dana tersebut serta pekerja daripada golongan isi rumah berpendapatan rendah B40.

  • At least 1 hour in duration per session and the combined total can be up to 300 hours.

  • Financial assistance is based on 20% of the levy balance when the first application for the year is submitted.

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