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Please be aware that buoyancy aid jackets are not for adults or children that are completely unable to swim.

  • A paddle can last a half hour or weeks in the case of expeditions.

  • A 50N buoyancy aid will keep a swimmer afloat and a 100N life jacket will keep an unconscious person afloat.

Buoyancy aid

But when you jump into the water for a long snorkeling session, you might think that life would be simpler if you could float effortlessly! Check out our guide to help you decide what to buy or if you have any questions about buoyancy aids or lifejackets please feel free to e-mail or phone our team.

  • The buoyancy issue is essential when you start snorkeling.

  • A Buoyancy Aid has inherent 'foam' buoyancy and is considered an Aid to Buoyancy.

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