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Beliau kemudian dipilih untuk menyertai pasukan Malaysia Under-23 di Pra-Sukan Asia Tenggara 2005 di Thailand di bawah jurulatih.

  • But my love for birds is not of the sentimental variety.

  • Ia diberikan secara eksklusif oleh Nike.

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Following an appearance in the poorly received black comedy 2018 directed by Akshat Verma, Khan appeared as Sartaj Singh in India's first , the crime thriller , based on 's.

  • Since the writing of your book, the which in its way was the seminal natural history volume for everyone in India, your name has been the single one known throughout the length and breadth of your own country, Pakistan, and Bangladesh as the father of conservation and the fount of knowledge on birds.

  • A subspecies of the black-rumped flameback woodpecker was named after his wife, Tehmina, by Whistler and Kinnear.