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Her work features the beautiful and intricate Korean textile art of patchwork known as jogakbo.

  • When putting together this series, Kristine and I thought it would be a fun idea to group the yarn in this way, so when you knit with it, you have a real understanding of those who have participated in the process of creating our yarns.

  • Technological changes in one domain of activity can reverberate throughout society in a complex and unpredictable manner.

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I opened my mouth—or beak, rather—and a loud caw reverberated off the surrounding tombstones.

  • This is a story about farmers, American-based manufacturing, family-run businesses, environmentalism, trade, design, and creativity - all of these elements intersect through the creation and use of fiber and textiles which make up our clothing and home-goods, these things which we use on a daily basis and which inhabit so much memory and keep us warm.

  • Over the course of 7 episodes, we are interviewing those featured in our Fall 2018 Lookbook.