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Manifest zeke Mick and

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'Manifest' Season 2 Finale: Angry fans want Zeke dead and Jared to be Michaela's end game in Season 3

Meanwhile, Michaela helps Zeke get released from jail and Grace fails to fulfill a calling when it comes to a woman named Erika and a.

  • Ben takes the young man home and it's revealed that the teenager is Kory's brother.

  • Zeke tells Jared that he didn't drink any of it and Jared tells Zeke to stay away from Michaela, as Jared believes that he and Michaela belong together.

‘Manifest’: Matt Long Returning for ‘Some’ of Season 4 on Netflix

While doing everything he can to stay warm and survive in a cave, he pulls out the magazine and uses a picture of as a way to stay alive.

  • But no one else came out.

  • At Angelina's urging, Cal shows up at the gates of Project Eureka asking to see the tailfin.

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