Saitama tier - 2k22 badges tier list

Tier saitama Saitama Simulator

Saitama (Caped Baldy)

Tier saitama Saitama (Realistic

Tier saitama No, Really,

Saitama Simulator Codes (April 2022)

Tier saitama Saitama (Realistic

Saitama (Caped Baldy)

Tier saitama Saitama Simulator

Tier saitama Is Saitama

Tier saitama Saitama (Caped

Tier saitama Saitama

Is Saitama top tier? : grandsummoners

Tier saitama One

Tier saitama ONE PUNCH


Yes, because she can pair with any unit and any setup like mako and can afk auto without a care also like mako.

  • Saitama is also able to see in the dark, as he was able to spot a kid a great distance away during the night.

  • INTEROPERABILITY SOLUTIONS Blockchain will undoubtedly be one of the main pillars upon which the SaitaMars is built.


He is a 19-year-old cyborg and the disciple of Saitama.

  • An example of this casual, yet overwhelming offensive power occurs when Saitama launches himself from the top of a building, blasts right through a giant with a punch, lands safely, and just calmly decides to go home.

  • Specialty is post fades, this badge needs to be maxed out: and.