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Chucky’s Gay Creator Don Mancini on His Queerest Project Yet

Flashbacks: In 1965, a young Charles Lee Ray helps the unknown assailant murder his parents.

  • After calmly slitting the throat of the cop, she bribed to steal his remains out of the evidence room which also contains items which appear to be 's sweater, hat and glove, as well as ' hockey mask and machete, 's chainsaw and ' William Shatner mask.

  • He grabs Nica's hatchet, and axes his lower jaw clean off.

Chucky (Series)

Later that evening, while Alice and Nica are making soup, Chucky secretly pours rat poison into one of the dinner bowls.

  • Innocuous and cute, Chucky finds his way into intimate familial settings that other monsters would not, giving him an edge of surprise that he exploits over and over.

  • At a public conference, Mayor Michelle announces that the annual town screening of will have a celebrity guest.