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Stadium Mini Permatang Rawa

In early 2014, as part of an incentive to close unlicensed buildings in the regency, police posted notification that the Kampoeng Rawa site was unlicensed.

  • Controversy over Kampoeng Rawa had developed by late 2012, when the Water Resource Management Agency declared that the site was illegally located in the around Lake Rawa Pening.

  • The Penang government, in a novation agreement signed today, transferred the rights and liability of the mini stadium to PSDKLPP.

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Public Transport to Permatang Rawa Jalan Permatang Rawa is served by 709 between and the.

  • It was also found that the permits for the establishment had not been obtained.

  • After passing the Bukit Tengah Petronas, turn right into Jalan Kebun Sireh state route P18.