Flood alert - Flood Warning issued April 30 at 5:43AM CDT until May 2 at 8:10AM CDT by NWS Kansas City/Pleasant Hill MO

Alert flood Flood Warning

Flood Warning

Alert flood Flood Alert

Flood Warning Systems (ALERT/ALERT2): Trusted flood warning systems...

Alert flood Flood Warning

Alert flood Flood Warning

Alert flood Flood Warning

Full list of flood warnings and alerts in force across Lancashire amid torrential rain

Alert flood Full list

Alert flood Flood Warning

Alert flood A Real

Alert flood Flash Flood

Alert flood Flood Safety

Flood Alert

Further rainfall is forecast through Sunday afternoon.

  • Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Consisting of a funnel and a small container affixed to a tipping lever, rain gauges collect a set amount of precipitation before the container tips, dumping out any collected water and sending an electrical signal to a data transmitter.

  • As a last resort, when floods threaten, use large corks or stoppers to plug showers, tubs, or basins.

Flood alert

Do not drive through flooded roads.

  • If not, satellite telemetry will likely be required.

  • Once you get to a safe area, do not return until authorities say that it is safe to do so.

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