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'Brazen' on Netflix Is Basically If 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Were a Murder Mystery

Brazen (2022) Netflix Movie Review

For her part, Grace isn't surprised to see that Jerald is her sister's killer and quickly analyzes his motives.

  • Serial Killer's Identity Revealed It isn't until the very end of Brazen's story that Kathleen's killer is revealed to be Jerald Baxter Matthew Finlan.

  • She visits and we get to know what kind of relationship they share.

'Brazen' Ending Explained: Who Is the Killer in the Netflix Movie?

He was last seen in the hospital after Jerald attacked him, but Grace learns that he is secretly gay and in a relationship with Fantasy Inc's employee Richie Jack Armstrong.

  • Great performances by Sam Page.

  • Grace dresses up as her sister's online persona Desiree in an attempt to lure the murderer to her home.