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We provide solutions to the global community in creating business opportunities, jobs and value through our subsidiaries.

  • Quantum Metal adalah pembekal sistem perdagangan emas dan pengedar emas terbesar di Malaysia.

  • QMEI facilitate digitized investment products backed by precious metals, through systematic research and development, with a supporting corporate university ecosystem that not only ensures continuous global growth but also business sustainability.

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Sit back and soak up Quiltmagine.

  • Brinks employ approximately 59,900 people and our operations include approximately 1,100 facilities and 12,000 vehicles.

  • Our visionary founding team has a strong desire to redefine the ecological management model of the mining industry, through enhancing both the business model and technology implementation, providing members with the next generation trading platform and value transfer channel to unleash the precious metal value, a technology driven bullion exchange.

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