Plato grill and steak - Mexican Grilled Steak Salad

Steak and plato grill Odd taste

Steak and plato grill Plato Grill

Perfect Steak Indoors

Steak and plato grill Como Cocinar

Steak and plato grill PLATO GRILL

Steak and plato grill Platos Mexicanos

Plato Familiar

Steak and plato grill Guadalajara's Grill

Steak and plato grill Plato's Dry


Steak and plato grill Guadalajara's Grill

Steak and plato grill La Vereda

Steak and plato grill Guadalajara's Grill

Plato's Dry Rub Recipe

Our Salsas are made from Fresh Tomatoes, dry roasted with chiles and blended daily! The wait staff was attentive and courteous.

  • Lightly fried and super satisfying! A chicken Mole enchilada, a pork chile verde enchilada and a beef enchilada with traditional sauce, beans and rice Combo It Your Way! Made every evening and complimentary for dining guests, choose your own ingredients and watch your salsa prepared just for you! Since we ate so late, it was dark on the patio and although they brought out 3 candles, it was so dark that it was hard to see our food.

  • Its health benefits are generally considered superior — more heart-healthy omega-3s, more essential vitamins and minerals, and fewer saturated fats.

Plato Grill & Steak Restaurant

We have some dietary restrictions, so we look ahead online at menus.

  • EXCELLENT rub and it honestly tasted good on both meats.

  • Plus, it has few or no growth hormones or antibiotics.