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Oug burgerlab MyBurgerLab named

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Oug burgerlab MyBurgerLab named

myBurgerLab's 6 New Additions To Their Menu Will Blow Your Mind

Oug burgerlab MyBurgerLab named

myBurgerLab OUG, Jalan Awan Hijau, Kuala Lumpur, Phone +60 10

Top 10 Must

Currently this dish is not on the menu yet, but they will put it up real soon.

  • In a nutshell, come for a party-on-the-pallet kind of experience.

  • We may use Australian Grass-fed Beef for all our beef patties but our buns, sauces and team are all born and bred in Malaysia.

myBurgerLab, OUG

And so, we decided to create our own interpretation of In-N-Out's offering to Malaysian audiences, with a little myBurgerLab twist of course.

  • It is one that has a Cheese-topped Beef Patty topped with deep fried Portobello Strips, drizzled with Honey Mustard and a runny Sunny Side Up Egg.

  • The chicken or the egg? Not to mention, i really love the nachos.

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