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Facts & Figures: 2022 Proton Persona facelift launched

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2022 persona Proton Persona

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2022 persona Persona (2022)

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Persona Anniversary Will Be The Highlight of 2022

For the comparatively niche fighting game community, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax's release is also potentially acting as a gauge for the long-rumored Persona 5 fighting game spin-off.

  • There are a number of quality titles in the collection, but a prominent one is about to exit the collection soon.

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2022 Proton Persona vs Perodua Bezza

I hope Atlus does something with Persona 3.

  • There are four main variants to choose from, and one special Black Edition variant sitting atop the range.

  • Proto-personas: Good in a pinch Proto-personas are personas based on educated guesses about your user base.