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I had a dead pandemic sex life until I discovered 'female Viagra'

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The Internet Reacts to the Shower Scene in 'Sex/Life'

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Fans Are Freaking Out Over How the 'Sex/Life' Finale Ended

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‘Sex/Life’ Penis: Was Adam Demos’ Dick Real in the Shower Scene?

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‘Sex/Life’ review: A Netflix guilty pleasure with a high hottie count

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‘Sex/Life’ Penis: Was Adam Demos’ Dick Real in the Shower Scene?

‘Sex/Life’ Cast’s Best Behind

Show more The show is entertaining, and there is very good acting and portrayal of issues that take place in any marriage.

  • I started reading about supplements I could use and stumbled upon this.

  • If you've watched up to episode three, you know the one, and even if you haven't, you probably still know the one.

'Sex/Life' Ending, Explained

No need to dangle the fruit any longer because, if you've seen the scene, you know there's already been enough dangling for a lifetime.

  • To make matters worse, she's having said affair with her impossibly attractive ex-boyfriend, Brad, who has a penis that could put some tape measurers out of business.

  • I rewatched that scene that everyone is going mental about and honestly, I never even noticed first time round because I was genuinely taken back at how powerful that gym shower is.